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Facebook and Instagram have a powerful advertising platform that can help your campaign reach the voters who will make a difference in your election. At Data for Donkeys, we prioritize aggressive building of audiences of supporters - audiences who can spread your message and fuel your campaign online. 

  • Use retargeting pixels to capture visitors to your website in a custom audience and retarget them all the way to Election Day.

  • Match audiences directly to the Voter File and use Facebook’s powerful targeting to show issue ads that voters care about and will take action on.

  • Use advanced Facebook advertising to ensure voters see your ads a certain number of times – perfect for Get Out The Vote ads which require repetition.

  • Advertise to custom audiences of your supporters and use them to drive your message to their networks.

  • Capture email addresses and supporter sign-ups.

  • Raise grassroots contributions, drive volunteer efforts and promote your events.

We advertise to desktop, tablet and mobile devices, directly matching Facebook audiences to voters, activists, donors and supporter lists.

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