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Getting the most from video ads

The New York Times recently reported that more than half of the video ads that play online aren't being watched. Sure, they are being displayed and counted as impressions - but many are buried low on web pages or run in tiny, easily ignored video players on those pages, or run simultaneously with other ads.

It's a valid concern, but one that doesn't affect Data for Donkeys' online ads. Here at DfD, we use inventory from partners who have identified these issues long ago and implemented solutions to protect your ad-buying dollars. Because DfD online ads avoids these industry-wide problems, you can be assured that your ads are being seen by the voters you target - and only the voters you target.

Here are some of the ways we make sure that our clients ads are actually being seen by their intended audiences:

  • Exclusive Filter: Our vendors filter out “cookies” that do not have a match to actual people who have been verified as registered voters in the Catalist voter file. This practice protects our clients from “bots” (NOT real human users), which artificially inflate impression rates. Instead, our ads go to just real targeted voters.

  • User vs. Host Initiated: We only buy user initiated, non-skipable pre-roll video. That means targeted voters only see client ads when the play button is pressed on a video the user has chosen to view. In other words, we do not buy pre-roll on those annoying websites that automatically play videos when a webpage is loaded.

  • Brand Safety: Our vendors works with several brand safety partners to ensure client ads do not run on unacceptable websites. They actively block websites that are suspicious, pornographic, filesharing, fraudulent, spam, phishing, or otherwise suspect.

  • Technology with Built-In Ad Verification: We purchase video inventory only from vendors with built-in viewability technology who partner with comScore, Moat and Integral Ad Science. The industry leaders who provide accredited viewability. Beyond this, our partner's ad serving technology includes a native ad verification solution scanning every single ad served. These steps confirm that client ads run only where targeted voters are most likely to see them.
That may sound like a bunch of technological mumbo-jumbo but it simply means there are numerous safeguards in place that help make sure our clients are getting what they pay for.
At Data for Donkeys, we are committed to providing our clients with the digital advertising advantage they need to win and are happy to discuss the strategies that best fit your needs and answer any questions you may have. For more information, please email, or call 617-463-9221.

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