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BREAKING NEWS: Trump has Coronavirus


This is a #FakeNews post. Allegedly, President Trump does NOT have Coronavirus, but who would believe anything that comes out of this administration?

In any case, Facebook allows campaigns to advertise completely fake news so why not?

This is because Facebook wants to get Trump's advertising dollars, and they don't care if what he says is true or not. And as we all know, Trump is full of shit.

Tell Facebook to stop spreading #FakeNews like this.



Average adult now spends 6.7 hours online a day

3006860555_25240c0410_b.jpgMary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends Report is out and it marks the first time that the majority of the world's population - 51 percent, or 3.8 billion people are online.

A couple of nuggets that stood out for me:

  • 88% of Americans use a second digital device while watching television.
  • American adults spend an average of 6.3 hours every day consuming digital media.
  • They spend 3.6 hours on mobile devices, 2 hours on desktop or laptop computers, and 0.7 hours on other connected devices.
  • As of last week, seven out of 10 of the world’s most valuable companies by market cap are tech companies,

Adults, and voting adults are continuing to get their information online. Send us an email and let's discuss how Data for Donkeys can help you reach your voters.



How To Avoid Running The Same Digital Campaign You Ran Last Cycle

By Daniel Bassali, vice president, digital at Go BIG Media, Inc.

By now every manager has heard this pitch from digital media firms trying to get a bigger slice of their advertising pie: Digital advertising can be more targeted, more directly measurable, and in most cases, more cost-effective for budget-conscious campaigns trying to break through. I’ll spare you my version of that spiel.

I think there’s a better selling point for digital and that’s the power it has to inform strategic campaign decisions down the road. This is a conversation that isn’t happening frequently enough between digital consultants and managers.

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DfD wins Pollie Award for Best Digital Targeting

MD-ad-160x600.gifData for Donkeys won a Pollie Award from the American Association of Political Consultants for Best Digital Targeting at its annual conference held recently in Napa, California. The Pollie Awards are the premier political consulting awards in the industry, and are voted on by the top political consultants working in American politics and campaigns.

Screen_Shot_2019-04-15_at_12.16.36_PM.pngThe award was given for work done for Massachusetts State Representative Mike Day's 2018 re-election campaign. The entry, "In Your Neighborhood" backed up Day's aggressive field program with digital ads targeted to voters who were on Day's door-knocking universe. 

As Mike and his field team knocked doors in the district, DfD served display and video ads to those voters letting them know that Mike was in their neighborhood, knocking on their doors to find out what was important to them.


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Digital Hype Aside, Report Says Political Campaigns Are Mostly Analog Affairs

merlin_145877613_a5ca0e80-44de-4f82-8f1d-71ffd33078c5-superJumbo.jpgBy Kevin Roose, The New York Times. March 21, 2019.

In 2016, after a torrent of targeted Facebook ads helped lift President Trump to a surprise victory, it seemed like the dawn of a new age of digital-first campaigning.

But three years later, online advertising by political campaigns is still largely an afterthought, according to a new report by Tech for Campaigns, a group of technology workers who volunteer to help Democratic candidates with digital outreach.

On average, campaigns in the 2018 midterm election cycle spent no more than 5 percent of their overall media budgets on digital advertising, according to the group’s report, which was compiled using political ad reports issued by Facebook and Google and publicly available spending data.

Television ads and direct-mail campaigns remained the biggest expenses for campaigns, accounting for about half of all media spending, the group said.


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Study Finds Digital Ads Can Boost Millennial Turnout

By Sean J. Miller, Campaigns & Elections Magazine

A new study backs the effectiveness of digital advertising to increase turnout among Millennial voters in competitive local elections. The findings could give digital consultants another talking point in their argument for a larger budget share heading into the 2020 cycle.

Researchers Jay Jennings and Katherine Haenschen said their study, published this month in the academic journal Political Communication, is “the first evidence that online ads can positively impact turnout.” 

“Plenty of people are trying to figure out what the effects are of digital ads, but this is the first study that shows with scientific rigor that exposure to internet ads increases turnout,” Haenschen, a practitioner-turned-researcher at Virginia Tech, told C&E.

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Advanced Facebook Marketing & Advertising

See the latest in Facebook advertising from Data for Donkeys. Send an email to set up a FREE consultation.



New Facebook Right Hand Column ad size means more opportunities to get your message to voters

Facebook announced back in April that they would be increasing the size of the Right Hand Column ads that show to the right of your Facebook Newsfeed. Instead of showing 6 or 7 small ads, the Social Network giant is dramatically increasing the size of the ads, while displaying less of them. Facebook guru John Loomer has a great post about it on his fantastic blog, which is required reading here at Data for Donkeys!

Here's what the new ads will look like:NewSidebarAds.png

As Loomer tells us: 

"In the past, you may have seen as many as seven ads in your sidebar. All had a small image (100×72 for link thumbnails, 120×120 for photo shares and 128×128 for video thumbnails), making them easy to ignore.

Now, however, sidebar ads will be up to three times bigger, nearly as big as the content in the News Feed. Instead of being cluttered with ads from seven different brands, the sidebar will now focus on only one or two ad units."

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Study: Facebook great at delivering reach — through advertising

Our friends at Inside Facebook are reporting that a new study shows Facebook is king for delivering reach (reach refers to the total number of different people exposed, at least once, to Facebook ads) - but it’s becoming increasingly evident that you have to pay for it.

study by Neustar, a real-time analytics firm, shows that Facebook’s advertised reach efficiency exceeds that of exchange services, advertising portals and ad networks. 

At Data for Donkeys, we go a step further. We match your Facebook audience to the voter file, so in addition to getting the most reach, you know that only the voters you choose are seeing your content. We have had excellent results targeting small groups of voters about issues they care about, driving up visits to websites and increasing engagement with campaigns and candidates. 

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Getting the most from video ads

The New York Times recently reported that more than half of the video ads that play online aren't being watched. Sure, they are being displayed and counted as impressions - but many are buried low on web pages or run in tiny, easily ignored video players on those pages, or run simultaneously with other ads.

It's a valid concern, but one that doesn't affect Data for Donkeys' online ads. Here at DfD, we use inventory from partners who have identified these issues long ago and implemented solutions to protect your ad-buying dollars. Because DfD online ads avoids these industry-wide problems, you can be assured that your ads are being seen by the voters you target - and only the voters you target.

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