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New Facebook Right Hand Column ad size means more opportunities to get your message to voters

Facebook announced back in April that they would be increasing the size of the Right Hand Column ads that show to the right of your Facebook Newsfeed. Instead of showing 6 or 7 small ads, the Social Network giant is dramatically increasing the size of the ads, while displaying less of them. Facebook guru John Loomer has a great post about it on his fantastic blog, which is required reading here at Data for Donkeys!

Here's what the new ads will look like:NewSidebarAds.png

As Loomer tells us: 

"In the past, you may have seen as many as seven ads in your sidebar. All had a small image (100×72 for link thumbnails, 120×120 for photo shares and 128×128 for video thumbnails), making them easy to ignore.

Now, however, sidebar ads will be up to three times bigger, nearly as big as the content in the News Feed. Instead of being cluttered with ads from seven different brands, the sidebar will now focus on only one or two ad units."

I've started seeing the new ads over the last couple of days. My Facebook is switching between the older, smaller ads and the new ads, but soon everybody will be seeing just the newer, larger ads.

But what does it mean for you? Simple - it means more opportunity to get your message in front of voters. Less ads means less clutter on voters' newsfeed pages and your Right Hand Column ads will pop out and get much better engagement and clicks than the older, smaller ads. Add Data for Donkeys' precise voter file targeting of your ads, and the voters simply won't be able to miss you!

An added bonus is that while these ads are likely to get more expensive, during the roll-out it will be cheap to purchase them. Have DfD try these new, bigger ads for you today. 

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