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Online Advertising

Donkey_Logo_-_Full_Size.jpgUsing the latest technology, we have matched internet ‘cookies’ to the voter file, allowing specific advertising to individual groups of voters. You choose who sees which ads – no more waste showing ads to people who won’t vote. We also offer re-targeting ads to re-engage people who have visited your website or Facebook page, as well as interest-targeted & location-based online ads. Our banner and video ads run across 90% of the web and are targeted by up to 40 data points on the nation’s most powerful voter file..

Cookie Matched Banner Ads: DfD offers online banner ads that run across 90% of the web and are targeted by up to 40 data points. By matching Internet cookies to the most powerful voter file in the country, we can choose the people who see our ads. No more waste on broad targeting – only the people who count will see your ads.

Pre-roll video ads: We also offer pre-roll video – the 15 or 30 second video ads that run right before a video. These are like movie trailers – when people are already at the theatre to see a movie, they will watch the trailers. Online, people who want to watch a video are also willing to watch a Pre-Roll ad – especially the 15-second format. Pre-Roll is highly effective. Online video reached 52% of US population, an average of 61 times in July 2013 (Comscore 2012)

Retargeting ads: Retargeting to people who have visited your website, Facebook page or Twitter account. We will target these people to encourage them to return and take a particular action. Often people get interrupted before taking action – retargeting is a great way to turn them into conversions.

Mobile Advertising: This year, there will be more impressions (each time an ad is displayed) served on mobile devices than desktops and laptops. And mobile isn’t really mobile – 70% of mobile impressions are served at home on smartphones and tablets. Mobile impressions are key parts of Online and Facebook advertising.

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