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Study: Facebook great at delivering reach — through advertising

Our friends at Inside Facebook are reporting that a new study shows Facebook is king for delivering reach (reach refers to the total number of different people exposed, at least once, to Facebook ads) - but it’s becoming increasingly evident that you have to pay for it.

study by Neustar, a real-time analytics firm, shows that Facebook’s advertised reach efficiency exceeds that of exchange services, advertising portals and ad networks. 

At Data for Donkeys, we go a step further. We match your Facebook audience to the voter file, so in addition to getting the most reach, you know that only the voters you choose are seeing your content. We have had excellent results targeting small groups of voters about issues they care about, driving up visits to websites and increasing engagement with campaigns and candidates. 

The study also found that, compared to exchange, portals and networks, Facebook advertising was the most cost-effective way to go for major brands. Neustar’s study tracked 152 billion ad events, 28 billion impressions and 300 million conversions tracked through the company’s AK Media Insights platform.

"Facebook continues, hands down, to drive significant unique reach as it compares to the other players," Neustar Senior Vice President of Media and Advertising Rob Gatto, told Inside Facebook.  "I know that Facebook will do their own advertising off of Facebook ID, not cookies, but a lot of the ecosystem still tracks off cookies. A lot of that has to do with the durability of the login and the fact that Facebook connect is everywhere and everywhere you go, you’re logged in. It just makes their users more durable. When you have a more durable user, it allows you to hit that user over and over again, which increase the return on investment and increases unique reach."

Have Data for Donkeys work with your campaign to advertise to the voters you choose. For a free consultation and to learn more, please call 617-463-9221, or send us email by clicking here.

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