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Targeting & Private Marketplace


Data for Donkeys has access to the biggest online inventory available across Desktop, Mobile, Native, Interstitial, and Connected TV.

We offer you access to more than 30 Billion Advertising Impressions daily, including a huge Private Marketplace (PMP) of the highest-quality inventory on the most influential websites and apps.

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Advanced Targeting including Voter File Match and hundreds of interest, demographic and political targeting options.

  • Data for Donkeys has access to all major online advertising exchanges.

  • We have access to numerous political, environmental, occupational, behavioral, and other targeting segments including Target Smart, L2, ALC, Claritas, Clickagy, Cuebig, Epsilon, eXelate, Nielsen, LB Digital, Lotame, Oracle, PushSpring.

  • Data for Donkeys has access to a huge Private Marketplace of high-quality inventory.

  • Data for Donkeys can onboard and match most voter file audiences provided by client.

  • Hyperlocal targeting allows us to put a pin on a map, and advertise to a set radius around that, as small as a few city blocks. Some good uses of this are targeting state houses, state offices, newspapers’ offices, relevant events or meetings, even specific people’s homes.

  • Using tracking pixels, we can Retarget people who engage with your ads, or visit your website, or specific web pages. We can also collect Mobile IDs from people who engage with mobile ads. 

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Hyperlocal Targeting - Massachusetts State House                       Example of Private Marketplace Inventory






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